Women love reading Cosmo for their sex information and how to be better in the sheets. And men love that women do that. But what Cosmo is telling women is that they can burn up to 85 calories per half hour of sex, and those calories are all fat. It also suggests that sex is a great substitute for snacking.


However, according to, sex typically doesn’t make it the full half hour. In fact, sex, on average, lasts about six minutes. So, it’s obvious the sex will not and cannot replace eating healthy and going to the gym. Even though sex does not help you burn 100-300 calories per bout, like some rumors say, there are some ways to help burn some extra calories (if that’s what you are looking for during sex).

-Get creativeThose that are yoga-goers, incorporating some of your yoga moves help burn some extra calories. This will help keep you limber as well for your next yoga sesh.

-Eat foods that help you last.For men, those foods are figs, oysters, celery, blueberries and even chocolate. These foods will help you last that full half hour.

-Don’t be afraid to mix it up.
By incorporating new positions, you will surprise your body. This will help you use different muscles and get a better work out during sex.

-Go back to the gym and start again.
According to, women that train at the gym and work out during the week actually have more active sex lives. So, when you’re all tired out in the bedroom, go back to the gym and tire yourself in a new and more appropriate way for the public eye.




Bringing a baby into the world brings many joys and tears, but one of them shouldn’t be the sadness and stress of losing that baby weight. While it’s true that everyone’s bodies are different, it is definitely important to the mother that she loses some of that weight. Some are lucky enough to have it come right out with the baby, while others work their butts off in the gym for months before seeing any results. For my sister-in-law, it seems that my new niece literally is sucking that fat right out of her while nursing.

But what is that pressure of losing the baby weight really like? I’m not a mother, so I have no clue, but according to Jessica Simpson in an interview with Katie Couric, she said, “I’ve put on more baby weight than I was planning on putting any so I think that I really have to separate myself from the world’s expectations and really just look inside of myself and have a relationship with myself and be healthy with myself.” It really didn’t matter if she looked herself up on the Internet to see what people were saying about her, she signed a deal with Weight Watchers for her and her alone. She wanted to lose weight and she wanted to do it in a way that was healthy and that was suited for her body.

Mothers, you do everything you possibly can to feed your baby right both during your pregnancy and then after birth. But don’t forget about you.

One of the most common lies the media tells us is that regarding these celeb-moms going on drastic diets to lose weight. This leaves us curious about how they lost the weight so fast. However, according to, moms should not be dieting after they give birth. Instead, they should be trying to lose some of that baby weight through well balanced meals and by not depriving themselves of food. That is NOT what Jessica Simpson did. She went on an excellent program that helped her maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle for both herself and breastfed child.

And speaking of, go ahead and breastfeed! There are incredible benefits to breastfeeding a baby, and even though it may be hard and hurt at first, you will be pleased you did it. Not just because it aids in losing weight, but because you will have one happy and healthy baby!

And most importantly, lastly, and most unrealistic, find time to chug water, exercise, and sleep! Again, I’m not a mom so I’m completely unaware of the demands of being a first-time, second-time, third-time, etc. mother, but I have heard a lot of stories. There is not a lot of time, but sometimes just vacuuming, hand scrubbing the floors, walking your baby around instead of rocking may prove to be excellent ways to burn an extra calorie or to while aiming for your weight loss goal.

And don’t forget you are not alone. Losing that baby weight will be especially hard because of the emotions and because of the lack of time, but be patient with yourself and remember that celebrities are humans too. If they lose weight in an unhealthy way, that doesn’t mean that’s the way to go to lose weight fast. In fact, there is a new project called “The Fourth Trimester Body Project” that aims to show women what they really look like after a baby. There is a link on the page on the side of my blog if you need to find it! It’s under the pages tab.



Whenever we as a race are bombarded with images of people working out or running or lifting weights, they are usually drowning in their own sweat. This leaves one to question if sweat is a requirement when trying to burn more calories, a bonus, or proof that one is even burning calories at all. I was researching on this topic tonight when I stumbled across this advertisement regarding sweat:


This image is from a search on Google and I regret that I was unable to grab the site it originated form. However, this phrase is used a lot by Zuzka Light, a famous fitness personality that started which provides countless at-home workouts. But is this myth true? If you sweat more, will you really see less jiggle later and burn more calories?

It’s actually quite possible to burn a significant amount of calories without producing sweat. actually gives us 50 ways to burn calories without sweating.

1. Take vitamin D.

2. Drink Coffee.

3. Sleep more.

4. Do things by hand.

5. Wear a pedometer.

6. Eat lightly and often.

7. Move briskly.

8. Laugh more.

9. Eat breakfast.

10. Time yourself when doing activities.

11.  Choose low-carb, high-fiber foods.

12. Go out of your way (take the stairs in stead of the elevator).

13. Tap your feet or move restlessly.

14. Stash flats in your bag to move around more quickly.

15. Don’t eat late at night.

16. Straighten up.

17. Drink more water.

18. Watch out for sugar and maybe avoid it.

19. Squat.

20. Chew Gum.

21. Sleep better to avoid being deprived.

22. Walk and talk on the phone.

23. Switch sides when carrying a heavy bag or purse every five minutes.

24. Bring along some music that is up beat.

25. Cook your own food.

26. Go on a date (women tend to order food with less calories on dates).

27. Avoid eating lunch at your desk.

28. Always carry a low-calorie snack.

29. Wear heels (helps you actually tone your legs!).

30. Relax (stress causes calories to be stored as fat).

31. Watch less television.

32. Do calf raises wherever you are.

33. Build your abs by engaging your abs tightly while sitting at your desk.

34. Drink a few cups of strong green tea every day.

35. Eat more spicy food.

36. Do leg lifts while sitting down.

37. Eat salmon.

38. Take a supplement.

39. Keep your blow-dryer at the fitness club (gives you a reason to actually go there…might as well work out while you’re there!).

40. Eat the peel (takes more energy to break down the skins and peels).

41. Sex.

42. Replace oils and fats with coconut oil.

43. Drink oolong tea to increase metabolic activity.

44. Don’t snack in the car (you are not being intentional about what you are picking and choosing to eat!).

45. Swing your arms more while walking.

46. Snack when you drink (alcohol consumption typically leads to overeating later).

47. Use the wax-on-wax-off motion from Karate Kid to stretch out your arms.

48. Buy some crackers.

49. Sit up straight.

50. Drink and eat more dairy!




Be positive, eat healthy, put in some hard work, stay strong, worry less, dance more, love often and be happy! Easier said than done, but keep at it to make them a routine in your life!




Magazines have been criticized as a medium that continually projects women in the wrong light. Women are constantly looking at their bodies as a canvas, and the media has a grand impact on how women perceive their bodies and are also influencing their beliefs and perceptions. In the above video, one can see the great lengths ad campaigns can take in order to achieve a certain image. But at what cost? This blog post aims to prove how women are affected by the magazine industry.


Images such as the one above show how the images in magazines are altered in order to achieve perfection in an individual. One source looked at three different ways magazines can affect women:

“Articles about appearance — These articles often include information on how get “perfect” ab muscles, advice on how to apply makeup, and tips on what to wear.

Advertisements — Magazines often include ads for beauty and hair products, clothing and perfume. Many of these ads feature women that are underweight and men who are overly muscular.

Photos — Most photos in magazines are altered so that wrinkles, fat, and pores disappear. Readers only see perfect and unrealistic bodies represented.”

These three elements of magazine advertisements show that women are being fed visually and intellectually how one needs to dress and act. This alters a woman’s mind into thinking the perfect body can only be attained through expensive clothing, excessive makeup, and extreme bodies. Women should remember that even though these images look beautiful and appealing that it is not always an attractive and healthy lifestyle and that being fit and toned is more tasteful in today’s society.



Diet pills and their advertisements are all over the internet and television. They swarm us with their benefits with not having to change your lifestyle and that these pills will drastically help you lose weight. 


But what is actually going on here? One source helps us break down some common myths surrounding these diet pills.

You won’t lose weight in days. 
-This is the biggest advertisement I see for most diet pills. These ads try to target those that are desperate for a quick slim down. But how do these work?

“These extra fast weight loss products often contain a mix of diuretic ingredients such as dandelion root, watermelon, oats and coffee. Removing water retention and causing you to urinate more frequently will cause you to lose small amounts of weight due to losing body fluids but it is not the same as losing fat. This type of weight loss can also be dangerous and cause extreme dehydration over long-term use.”

This is only a short-term weight loss from the dangerous act of dehydration.

It’s not “one pill fits all.”
-A popular “fat burning” supplement is Alli.



It contains a certain ingredient that helps prevent a percentage of your dietary fats from being consumed by your body. It then converts these fats into waste. Researchers are continuing to look into the side effects such as foul smelling bowel movements and gas. Orlistat is also being researched, a important ingredient in Alli, because research is continuing to show that this ingredient may lead to toxicity of organs such as the liver and kidney. 

Other side effects for various dietary supplements include: hepatitis, liver problems headaches, stomach problems, depression, fatigue, and sleep disturbance.

You actually have to change your lifestyle by eating right and working out.
-There is no miracle pill. No matter what they say. 

Over-the-counter doesn’t mean risk-free.

-Diet pills are not held to the same standard of prescription drugs…obviously. I really hope this is obvious. So do your research! Read the labels and talk with your doctor or pharmacist, and check the FDA website.